About Us

The name Ecstatica represents the joy that each piece of jewellery will bring its jewel-loving customers around the world – joy they will feel with each purchase they make, or with each gift they receive.

In the last few years since launching Ecstatica, the brand has been well received and its market presence has expanded from an Australian platform to an international platform now. With top quality products and 100% proven customer service history (which the brand prides itself on) Ecstatica has made its mark on the jewellery world and is here to stay.

With the finest range in costume jewelry around, Ecstatica uses Swarovski crystals, American diamonds and stunning cubic zirconia to accentuate designs. Ecstatica’s products are all triple plated with metals such as gold, platinum and rhodium, so as to stand the test of time. You will never wear an Ecstatica ring and be left with a green ring around your finger because of the high quality materials that the company sources for its products, only the best! In fact, Ecstatica stands behind each and every one of their products with a 100% customer satisfaction policy.

With a jewelry range developing into a beautiful collection of around 1500 pieces by early 2018, Ecstatica will have something for every kind of occasion, and for all tastes. From elegant, classic and casual pieces, to intricate, colorful and trend setting styles, Ecstatica ensures that they produce designs that are able to cater to all their jewellery-loving customers.

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